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Shenzhen Tobest Industry Co.,ltd

TOBEST was established since 1997,carries on activities in 6000sqm area with CNC lathes,CNC process center, large gantry milling machines,grinding machines and other high precision processing equipment ,which could conduct the standardization and mass production of automatic thread rolling machine spare parts and meet the quality requirements. TOBEST, high precision thread rolling machine manufacturer, produce hydraulic threading machine,cam thread rolling machine,CNC thread rolling machine,thread rolling head and rolling dies in China. Our main business is in European countries such as Germany,Russia,Holland,Denmark,Spain,Australia,Egypt and other middle-east countries. Our company has passed ISO9001:2000 certificate with professional engineer team ,after-sales team and machining department. Our goal is to provide high quality products,workable thread rolling proposal and responsibility after sales service to our customer,making our customers feel relaxed in thread rolling.Establish long term cooperation-ship,not just quick sales!
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Our Popular Products

TOBEST, high precision automatic thread rolling machine manufacturer, was established since 1997, focus on thread rolling and metal machining machinery, offering models in the rolling force range from 60 kN to 1000 kN, with strong stability and easy operation.

TB-30S Hydraulic through feed thread rolling machine bolt threading machine spline rolling machine
TB-30S Thread rolling machine manufacturer always provide top quality rolling machines.TB-30S 380V Thread and profile rolling machines, more stable and less noisy, specially suitable for: ball screws,lead screws , ACME screws,automobile / motorcycle parts.
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TB-50ST Spline rolling machine thread/profile forming machine two-roll machines
TB-50ST automatic thread rolling machine, the rolling time and the rolling length can be adjusted according to your requirements. We are the best China thread rolling machine manufacturer and can guarantee the quality of machines
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TB-30A 3 roll thread rolling machine hydraulic thread rolling machine spline rolling machine
TB-30A 500KG three dies rolling machine is specially designed for hollow parts,tubular processing, easy to operate.
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TB-30NC CNC Four Axis Servo Worm Threading Spline Forming Knurling Machine
TB-30NC CNC threading spline forming knurling machine is more cost-effective than thread cutting because of long life of die, minimal tool maintenance requirements and high productivity.
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Latest News

2023-03-15 / Information
Cam Thread Rolling Machine: The Ultimate Solution for High-Quality Threads
Introduction:Cam thread rolling machines are a crucial piece of equipment in the manufacturing industry. They provide a fast and efficient method for creating high-quality threads on a wide range of
2023-03-01 / Information
An Exclusive Variety of CNC Thread Rolling Machine
CNC thread rolling machines are used to create precise and uniform threads on various materials such as metal, plastic, and wood. These machines are widely used in the automotive, aerospace, and
2023-02-20 / Information
Production and Applications of CNC Thread Rolling Machine
A CNC thread rolling machine is a type of computer-controlled machine that is used to create screw threads on a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and wood. This machine works by
2023-02-07 / Information
Introducing the Cam Thread Rolling machine – your perfect partner for consistent and accurate thread rolling!
1. What is a Cam Thread Rolling machine?  A Cam Thread Rolling machine is a machine that is used to create threads on a cam. The machine uses two rolls to create the threads. The rolls are
2023-01-10 / Information
Three Rollers Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine
The hydraulic string rolling maker is primarily made use of for rolling numerous kinds of precision exterior strings, high-strength standard parts as well as huge pitch support screws, T-shaped screw
2022-12-28 / Information
How to Use a Cam Thread Rolling Machine to Roll Metal?
In this blog post, we’re going to discuss how to use a cam thread rolling machine to roll metal. We’ll cover the basics of the process, as well as some of the benefits of using a cam
2022-12-15 / Information
Steel bar straight thread rolling machine
Steel bar straight thread rolling machine is a sort of steel bar handling equipment commonly utilized in construction market in the last few years. It promptly as well as directly rolls the end of the
2021-11-13 / Information
DC53 rolling dies with special process for high tensile bolts
This special process DC53 thread rolling die is mainly used to roll wind turbine fasteners, hexagonal bolts, high-strength anchor bolts and so on. Because the hardness of these workpieces is
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