3 roller automatic thread rolling machine

Roller: 3
Application: Threading
Supply Ability: 35 Pcs per month
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


Our automatic thread rolling machine is specially designed for tubular processing. Above, three profile roller axes 20 every single lie on a circle ten around the central axes 19 of the turntables 18, a toothed ring 22 becoming fastened on each and every profile roller axis 20. The ring gears 22 of the profile rollers of the lower turntable 18 are in engagement with a drive gear 23, which is mounted on the central axis 19 and are driven by them. The torque of the drive gear 23 is transmitted by means of the ring gear 22 of the profile roller approaching the neutral roller plane E to the ring gear 22 of the opposite profile roller, whereby both profile rollers in engagement receive an identical circumferential speed with respect to the successful profile roller radius R, every single with the exact same angle of rotation. The efficient profile roller radius R is provided by the shortest distance between the profile roller axes 20 and the neutral roller plane E. The rotation of the profile rollers 21 drives a workpiece (not shown) in the neutral roller plane E.


Item Data
Outside diameter of rolling die φ44-78φmm
Inside diameter of rolling die (keyway) φ25.4mm φ35mm
Thickness of rolling die 40mm
Center distance between die spindles 55-90mm
Output(pcs/min) 5-30(pcs/min)
Swiveling Angle(degree) ±3°

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