AC motor thread and form rolling machine seller

Supplier: Tobest
Origin: China
Supply Ability: 15
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


Our three-die thread rolling machine is specially made for tubular processing. Spline rolling is a process employed in a quantity of applications, which includes the production of transmission shafts, truck brake systems, pump shafts, extended steering splines, off-road automobile composition, hollow splines, agriculture equipment, steering shafts, automotive drive trains, differential case shafts, drive shafts, washer shafts, air compressor shafts, motorcycle shafts and a lot more. Spline rolling machines (some thing you might be searching for now) are utilized in the spline rolling procedure, and play a crucial role in the creation of the above parts.

The foam insert was die reduce for a single prototype shaft. This eighteen inch part was thread rolled on each ends. The component had been made and engineered to accommodate rolled threads. That meant that the pre-roll thread diameters have been effectively chamfered and ground to the appropriate pitch diameter, a hypothetical diameter in among the significant and minor diameters, which is employed to decide thread size. This specific job did not demand destructive testing, but set-u pieces were produced from equivalent material in order to get the machines set. With a a single-piece lot size, there is no room for error, and the highly skilled machinists knew this.

Tech Specification

Item Data
Machine motor 3.75KW
Hydraulic motor 1.5KW
The highest feed pressure 12.5T
Supply voltage 380V
Weight(reference) 2100(KG)

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