Advanced 3-Slide Cold Forming Machines Manufacturer

Application: Threading
MOQ: 3
Supply Ability: 20
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


We offer you Advanced 3-Slide Cold Forming Machines Manufacturer. All the rolls tiltable to engage the angle of the cone. Top hydraulic assistance tiltable on the angle of the cone to hold from collapsing the formed shell. Lateral arms for plate infeed supporting very large conical formed diameters. Single pass rapidly rolling programmable save-and-repeat on NC controller. Deflection compensation of the rolls with adjustable pre-pinch stress. Calibration equipment on board the machine for the re-rolling of welded shell.

Aerospace metals can be tough to machine and form, so the widespread threading attachments used on screw machines and lathes for larger volume function struggle to meet the top quality specifications of precision threads. The force needed to kind threads on heat treated alloy steel or on exotic alloy components produced from Inconel or Titanium cannot be achieved efficiently without having using committed equipment. Tobest focuses on threads that are significantly less than 1.5 inches in diameter, but rolled threads are created on fasteners up to 5.00 inches and even bigger. It takes significant force, up to thirty or forty tons of rolling pressure generated by very huge machines, in order to move that much material. Some threads are deemed so vital that a destructive testing sampling procedure is needed to microscopically examine each pitch of a thread at 500X.


Item Data
Diameter for the threads rolled 12-25/mm
Range of pitch rolled 0.5-2.0p
Length of thread rolled In feed or thru feed
Outside diameter of rolling die 55-75mm
Inside diameter of rolling die (keyway) 35mm
Thickness of rolling die 20mm
Cam motor 200W
Machine motor 3HP
Weight (reference) 260(KG)
Package Dimension (L*W*H) 1050*750*1150 mm
Dimension (L*W*H) 950*700*1050 mm

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