Advanced three dies rolling machine supplier

Power: 200W
Usage: Threading
Brand: Tobest
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


We offer you robust and advanced three dies rolling machine supplier. An advantageous embodiment of the profile rolling device according to the invention consists in that at least one particular of the turntables on the roll stands can be adjusted in relation to one one more in a variable distance from the other turntable by implies of height-adjustable guide carriages which can be locked in their operative positions. As a result, the roll gap can be changed for distinct thicknesses of the material webs. It is also possible to alter to profile rollers with a diverse diameter.

Consequently, it is feasible to uniformly kind the chamfered edge possessing the rounded cross-section, and accordingly to stay away from the problem of boost in variation with respect to shape of the chamfered portion and surface roughness in the chamfered portion, which difficulty has been encountered in a traditional item requiring a handwork operation to kind the chamfered portion therein. Therefore, there is an effect that it is achievable to restrain chipping or other harm of each and every of the forming teeth and also to roll the splines every getting a higher strength, restraining formation of an angular portion in the ramped finish portion of every of the splines.

Technical Info

Item Data
Cam motor 200W
Machine motor 3HP
Weight (reference) 260(KG)
Package Dimension (L*W*H) 1050*750*1150 mm
Dimension (L*W*H) 950*700*1050 mm

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