Cam Thread Rolling Machine

Cam thread rolling machine arrive in an assortment of types and sizes, however they all utilization an instrument where solidified steel kicks the bucket are coordinated and set to infiltrate with power so as to reshape the material surface of a round distance across into a thread structure. A round and hollow work piece or clear is taken care of into the machine (physically or consequently) and the kicks the bucket pivot (tube shaped bites the dust) or respond (level passes on) so as to deliver threads in a "chipless" framing measure. Each thread structure, shape, and size has an extraordinary arrangement of kicks the bucket which are regularly ground from heat treated apparatus steel and secured, instead of made in-house.

We supply manufacture price cam in feed type thread rolling machine for:standard screws, bicycle& automobile parts and all kinds of machinery parts, automatic round dies cam thread rolling machine, strong stability, easy operation and energy saving. As a China thread rolling machine manufacturer, we are committed to supply high quality rolling machines.