CNC Four Axis Servo Worm Threading Spline Forming Knurling Machine

Specification: TB-30NC
Use Parts: Two-Rollers-CNC-Thread-Rolling-Machine
Supply Ability: 1000
Weight: 3600KG

Product Description

Threads produced by thread rolling are also less likely to be affected by wear and bond. Thread rollers are more cost-effective than thread cutting because of long life of die, minimal tool maintenance requirements and high productivity. In general, the automatic thread rolling machine can realize the orderly arrangement of work-pieces by adding automatic feeding mechanism such as vibration plate, and then with the pneumatic feeding clamping device, the automatic feeding and rolling processing of workpiece can be realized under the control of PLC system. The Threading Spline Forming Knurling Machine we made already match customers demand with good comments.

CNC Four Axis Servo Worm Threading Spline Forming Knurling Machine

The features of TB-30NC thread rolling machine

1) TB-30NC, with Four-axis servo motor, can be infinitely adjustable-speed, to realize the forward reverse when rolling products

2) Precision feeding by servo motor with ball screw rod structure

3) HMI Intelligent Control System, with thread rolling data memory, no need to readjust the data next time by rolling the same thread size

4) Overloading ball guide rail to ensure accurate reciprocating motion

5) Specially suitable for:worm rolling, knurling, etc. Can be thread rolled with three different threads in one roller.

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