Cold forming machine for fasteners price

Origin: China
Votage: 380V
Supply Ability: 12
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


Engineering innovations and expertise led to benefits in thread manufacturing technologies employing cold rolling. Tobest presented a new generation of electrical machines for the duration of IMTS that included its new product series. This modular style supplies many application solutions for all types of cold rolling processes utilized with dies. The two sizes of machine base (M & L) allow it to accommodate a large range of workpieces. The special style of Tobest machines boasts only a single single cylinder to ensure the symmetrical movement of the slides. Until now, the hydraulic cylinder was the only remedy for transmitting and controlling the force to the rolling dies.

Our Flat die thread rolling machines alloys the production of massive and tiny batches of all types of threads that can be cold formed, in the most economically way. The regular simple data stated in the table for every machine type are not limiting values. Sensible tests in the area of manufacturing methods and material behavior extend efficiency limits of our machines further.

Technical Data

Item Data
Diameter for the threads rolled φ9-φ35/mm
Range of pitch rolled 0.5-2.5p
Length of thread rolled In feed or thru feed
Spindle speed 350-600rpm (variable speed)
Outside diameter of rolling die φ44-78φmm
Inside diameter of rolling die (keyway) φ25.4mm φ35mm
Thickness of rolling die 40mm

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