Cylindrical two die type thread rolling machine for lead screw

Weight: 2100KG
Motor: 3.75kW
Supply Ability: 10
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


For many applications, thread rolling, is the very best option for producing greater good quality external threads in a single pass due to it really is chipless operation. Such downtimes of the profile rolling device are avoided by such cleaning rollers according to the invention. This also prevents harm to the material surfaces due to cleaning intervals that are also extended. This band, also named strip, is then engaged flat in a succession of several rolls called rollers whose shapes and numbers are variable based on the complexity of the desired steel profile.

A profile bending machine is a machine employed to carry out cold bending on profiles with different shape and size. Normally the machine is used in the metalworking field to bend profiles like tubes, bars, angles, T” profiles, U” profiles and beams. Cost-effectiveness - The capability to tilt die spindles to the helix angle of thread lets our consumers use lower-cost, annular ring dies.

Higher precise profile guiding rails lead to higher top quality in through-feed or in-feed are assured approach. Thanks to ECO-SYS short changeover occasions are assured. All adjustments are effortlessly accomplished from the front of the machine. The thread rolling machine is a multifunctional cold rolling forming machine.

Tech Info

Item Data
Machine motor 3.75KW
Hydraulic motor 1.5KW
The highest feed pressure 12.5T
Supply voltage 380V
Weight(reference) 2100(KG)

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