Discount trapezoidal screw making machine

Votage: 380V
Application: Parts
Supply Ability: 20
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


Total solution for thread rolling, spline rolling, chipless method and precision gears manufacturer. At Tobest, one year old multi-axis company turning centers and supplier multi-axis lathes pump out complete higher precision machined elements. They turn, they drill, they mill, and they even thread. But, in the exact same tiny sister company, Tobest, utilizes fifty-year old Waterbury, Hartford, and Reed roll threaders to form external threads with a specialized, however elegantly simple, secondary approach. Not all of their machines are antiques. Significantly of the equipment has been refurbished, and newer machines are mixed in with old. So it is fitting that they make their property in the most historic section of the old factory, exactly where a fifty-five year old wood block floor symbolizes the sixty-year old family members company.

Thru feed and in-feed (plunge feed) each available: The rolling time and the rolling length can be adjusted by the sensors. These are modules which can be applied to rolling machines to permit the automatic loading and orientation of studs by indicates of mechanical choice systems which guarantee higher production speeds. Bolstered by seasoned experts, we place forth a commendable array of I Beam Rolling Services. Obtainable in a variety of sorts, the offered solutions are completely checked on various parameters by quality controllers prior to deliver at customer's premises. In addition, this service is presented in very best top quality as per the market laid norms and standards.

Technical Details

Item Data
Range of pitch rolled 0.5-2.5p
Length of thread rolled In feed or thru feed
Spindle speed 350-600rpm (variable speed)
Outside diameter of rolling die φ44-78φmm
Inside diameter of rolling die (keyway) φ25.4mm φ35mm

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