Discount two die cylindrical thread rolling machine

Condition: New
Mode: Automatic
Color: Green
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


Engineering innovations and knowledge led to advantages in discount two die cylindrical thread rolling machine technology utilizing cold rolling. Tobest is also specialized in proposing particular solutions for minimizing pipes deformation when bending small radii. In truth, the RCMIs machines can be equipped with a mandrel that keeps the pipes in shape throughout the bending. The mandrel bending is also utilized for specific bending purposes like roller coasters, exactly where 3D bending is essential. Tobest has a lot of encounter in 3D bending, having supplied machines with a particular push and turn method that guarantees the bending of pipes in 3D with minimum deformation.

A cam drive is offered for the slide reciprocation. The cams operate via a drive lever pivoted on the reduce portion of the frame. The lever oscillates around an eccentrically mounted pivot. This lever drive, when compared to conventional crank drives, reduces vertical loads applied to the slide. Also, adjustment of the eccentrically mounted pivot permits the adjustment of die match. In the illustrated embodiment, a hydraulic cylinder is connected to the eccentric pivot so that match adjustment can be performed whilst the machine is running.


Item Data
Outside diameter of rolling die 27.6-45mm
Inside diameter of rolling die (keyway) 20mm
Thickness of rolling die 15mm
Cam motor 100W
Machine motor 2HP

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