TB-50S Export High End Hydraulic Thread And Form Rolling Machine Supplier Pricing

Model Number: TB-50S
Service: Video technical support, phone call technical support, door-to-door service, professional after-sale
Customization: Available
Application: Trapezoidal thread, metric thread, knurling, spline, round threads, groove etc

With the help of thread roller, hydraulic thread rolling machine can process the outer diameter of rod, bolt and tie rod. No matter what the screw thread needs, such as metric system, UNC, etc., can be completed with thread roller. We manufacture and supply quality cylindrical die rolling machines with low price as trusted thread rolling machine manufacturer with 10 years industrial experience. Till now, we already exported many of types if thread rolling machines across the world. Meanwhile, we may design and produce the thread rolling machines according to customers requirement namely OEM and ODM. For more specification and quotation, please ask us through website: https://www.tobest-machinery.com/ .

Model No. Picture Specification
TB-50S High End Hydraulic Thread And Form Rolling Machine supplier Diameter for the threads rolled φ12-φ50/mm
Range of pitch rolled 1.0-8.0P
Max.length of thread rolled In feed or Thru feed
Spindle speed 16/25/40/63rpm (variable speed)
Outside diameter of rolling die φ145-φ235mm
Inside diameter of rolling die(keyway) φ75mm
Thickness of rolling die 160mm
Distance between the roller shaft 140-320mm
Output(pcs/min) 4-25(pcs/min)
Main power motor 7.5KW
Hydraulic motor 2.2KW
Max rolling pressure 25T-28T
Supply voltage 380V
Weight(reference) 3600(KG)
Package Dimension(L*W*H) 1950*2100*1500 mm
Dimension(L*W*H) 1850*1910*1380 mm

The features of TB-50S thread rolling machine:

1.) Thru feed and in-feed are both available: The rolling time and the rolling length can be adjusted according to your requirements.

2.) The grinding gear box transmission is more stable,longer lifetime,maintaining stable accuracy for a long time

3.) The good transmission shaft makes the transmission without any jumping and stable when the gearbox transmit to the roller seat,so that the roller seat can ensure the precision of rollers.

4.) The integrated hydraulic system feed is more stable and less noisy.

5.) The dovetail type slide has high force, high stability and high precision.

6.) Specially suitable for: ball screws, lead screws, ACME screws,Worm,automobile / motorcycle parts. bridge,construction parts, all kinds of long length screws.

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