High precision cam thread rolling machine price

Voltage: 380V
Usage: Milling
Brand: Tolbest
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


The High precision cam thread rolling machine price is a multifunctional cold extrusion forming machine. Within 3-6 micro-inches have been obtained with Cold Forming- hence the original match with mating components lasts considerably longer, lowering put on and minimizing backlash. With other shaft spline cutting strategies, you typically want to add extra actions to get the right surface finish. Save time and cash, and get best surface finishes every time with our advanced spline roller tools. In flat dies machines, the slide is created of a high strength material laminated sheet, obtained by milling and subsequent grinding on numerical handle machines. The slide is then coated in tempered steel. The numerous kinds of machines that we provide differ relating to building according to the production they have to perform.

Technical Data

Item Data
Length of thread rolled In feed or thru feed
Outside diameter of rolling die 55-75mm
Inside diameter of rolling die (keyway) 35mm
Thickness of rolling die 20mm
Cam motor 200W

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