High precision spline rolling machine price

Weight: 260KG
Application: Industrial
Origin: China
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


China's high precision spline rolling machine price. Yet another critical feature of this invention involves the adjustability of the mounting of the fixed or stationary die. Such mounting permits the adjustment of tilt, parallelism, and pitch with no the use of shims. Further, the pitch can be effortlessly adjusted without affecting the adjustment of the tilt or parallelism. Also, pitch adjustment can be made even though the machine continues to run. If difficulty is encountered in passing the workpiece over the proper straightener, hold the proper straightener back, nearer to the machine and have it sophisticated by a wrench, when profile has reached and overcome it. Yet another twisting may possibly be easily adjusted by mounting two larger diameter flanges on the decrease rolls, to assistance the section sidewards. 


Item Data
Length of thread rolled In feed or thru feed
Outside diameter of rolling die 55-75mm
Inside diameter of rolling die (keyway) 35mm
Thickness of rolling die 20mm
Cam motor 200W
Machine motor 3HP

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