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How to choose a cost-effective thread rolling machine

Many consumers choose high-priced products when buying a thread rolling machine. In fact, the price of the thread rolling machine is only a representative. The price depends on the specific quality of the thread rolling machine product in addition to the reference value, not the higher the price. The better the quality of the thread rolling machine. Many small thread rolling machine manufacturers charge high prices to deceive consumers, so we need to have a pair of eye-catching eyes when buying.

1. The price of the thread rolling machine will also be scheduled according to the working principle of the thread rolling machine. The working principle is:

(1) Rebar clamping structure

Rebar clamping is accomplished by using positive and negative threaded screws to drive the clamping pliers to slide and self-center.

(2) Thread head processing:

The steel bar is clamped, the rib stripping thread rolling head rotates and performs axial feed to complete the thread processing. The rotation of the rib stripping thread rolling head is completed by the main motor through the reducer at a speed of 50 revolutions per minute. The feed is completed by the operator pulling the handle through the gear and rack to drive the reducer and the rib stripping and threading head to move along the slide bar.

(3) Thread rolling wheel:

The thread rolling wheel for rolling the thread is composed of three pieces, which can be installed interchangeably, and the thread rolling is formed at one time.

(4) Advance and retreat:

Turn on the main motor button, the motor drives the reducer and the rib stripping and threading head to rotate, the operator pulls the handle to feed, when the thread processing is completed, the stroke switch touch plate presses the stroke switch button, and after a delay, it reverses and returns to the starting position. Automatic shutdown.

2. Secondly, when purchasing the thread rolling machine, we must first check the power system of the thread rolling machine, because we are using three-phase electricity, so we have to check to see if there is a lack of a phase in the power supply. If this is the reason, we need to replace the power line or connector. Second, if the thread rolling machine has no power response, we need to see if the fuse of the thread rolling machine has burned out, or the installed overheat protector has turned on the protection function, causing the machine to shut down. At this time, just let it cool down and it can be used normally.

3. The next step is to understand the diameter of the largest and smallest steel bars used on the construction site before choosing. Because the most commonly used on the market is to process the thread of the steel bar with a diameter of 16-40. It is the most common Glyx HGS-40D small automatic straight thread rolling machine. This price is relatively affordable, and it is also the most commonly used model.

The features of this model are as follows:

① Full-automatic straight thread rolling machine is a newly developed multifunctional thread rolling lathe, which can roll tooth profile angle 75. The thread can also be rolled at any angle, just need to change the rolling wheel.

② The straight thread rolling machine automatically returns after rolling.

③ The design is reasonable, the use and maintenance are convenient, and it only takes 2 minutes to change the tool.

④ The tool adopts automatic opening and closing structure, the steel bar is clamped once, and the wire end processing is completed in 30 seconds, which is high in efficiency.

⑤ Using the cold rolling process of thread rolling wheel, the steel wire end processing is "moulded", with high precision and 100% pass rate.

⑥ The operation is convenient and quick, and the stripping and rolling of HRB335 and HRB400 ribbed steel with φ12-40mm can be completed at one time with one wire rolling disc.

You can also choose the Glyx HGS-40D large-scale automatic straight thread rolling machine according to the length of the steel wire teeth processed by yourself. The large-scale automatic straight thread rolling machine vise produced by Gulix is large, the motor is large (4.5-5.5KW), and the weight is heavy (400KG). It is suitable for large steel bars above 32 and continuous high-strength work.

4. Of course, even if it is bought back, if it is used improperly during use, it will affect the life of the thread rolling machine. The following are common errors that affect the life of the thread rolling machine:

1. The thread rolling machine tool has poor precision, large vibration, and is in service under abnormal operation;

2. The thread rolling die is not aligned correctly, the rolled part is displaced axially, and the tooth pattern is subjected to two stresses: shearing and extrusion;

3. The size of the rolled thread blank is uneven, the surface is not cleaned, there are grinding wheel foam, oxide skin and dirt;

4. The hardness of the rolled parts is uneven (the bolts of grade 8.8 should be 27~30HRC; the grade 10.9 should be 35~37HRC), to prevent sometimes mixing the quenched parts with high hardness (50~55HRC) without tempering due to poor management Into the tempered part, its hardness is similar to the hardness of the thread edge of the thread rolling wheel, resulting in chipping.

5. Lubricant is not added during rolling, resulting in dry friction, and the temperature of the tooth tip rises sharply to exceed the tempering temperature of the rolling wheel, and the tooth pattern is softened by excessive tempering, resulting in inverted teeth and piled teeth failure;

6. The rolling wheel must be fully demagnetized before leaving the factory, leaving residual magnetism. When working, the tooth pattern will absorb fine iron foam and will accelerate the wear and tear.