Knurling rolling machine China factory

Brand: Tobest
Roller: 3
Power: 3.75kW
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


Tobest has been offering high quality thread rolling solutions given that year. Reference need to now be created to FIGS. 5 and 6 via 8, which illustrate the mounting and adjusting structure for the fixed die 78. The fixed die 78 is secured in a fixed die pocket 79 formed in the die block 81 by die clamps 82 and 83. The die block is, in turn, supported within the machine frame in a manner permitting the position of the die block to be adjusted for die tilt, parallelism, and spacing. Additional the adjustment structure is arranged so that the pitch spacing can be adjusted with out altering the tilt and parallelism adjustment.

The effectively thought out style and quite sturdy building of this device had been conceived for workshop use. Threads of 1.5 - max. 2.2mm diameter can be rolled with extreme accuracy on brass, aluminum or soft iron wires. Regardless of the heavy pressure needed to roll the threads, the actual work necessary is considerably light, owing to the use of ball-race bearings on the roller plates. Even after rolling a hundred threads, you won't have to stop since of tiredness.


Item Data
Spindle speed 16/25/40/63rpm
Outside diameter of rolling die 115mm-175mm
Inside diameter of rolling die(keyway) 54mm
Thickness of rolling die 120mm
Min center distance between die spindles 110mm
Max center distance between die spindles 230mm

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