Purchase High End Three Die Pipe Thread Rolling Machine

Place of Origin: China
Supply Ability: 5 sets/month
Material: Steel
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Spline rolling is the lowest cost of all spline production processes. The spline roller has high productivity and records more than 95% of the normal operation time. Rolling splines are produced by moving the material. This displacement forming method improves the grain structure and work hardened spline surface. Therefore, the strength of rolling spline is 30% higher than that of cutting spline. Three die pipe thread rolling machine from us is good design to win buyers’ praise. As leading thread rolling machine manufacturer and supplier, we ensure to serve customers with quality machines and perfect after sale service. Please do not hesitate to ask us for more specification and inquiry for quotation if you interested in products we made.

Model No.



Diameter for the threads rolled


Range of pitch rolled


Length of thread rolled

In feed or Thru feed

Spindle speed

220/360/560/750rpm (variable speed)

Outside diameter of rolling die


Inside diameter of rolling die 


Thread rolling die length  50mm

Range of the distance between the roller shaft




Swiveling Angle(degree)


Main power motor


Hydraulic motor


Max rolling pressure


Supply voltage


Weight (reference)

1270 KG

Dimension (L*W*H)

1600*1500*1600 mm

The features of TB-60A thread rolling machine:

1.)TB-60A is specially designed for hollow parts,tubular processing,easy to operate.

2.)Three dies with equilateral triangle supports to ensure the roundness,vertical degree and concentricity.

3.)Thru feed and in-feed are both available.The spindle is controlled by frequency converter,the rotation speed can be adjusted as you want.

4.) With heating treatment for driving gear,lower noise and high durability

5.)Specially suitable for: connectors,auto fittings,oil tube joint,motor vehicle parts,knurling of bathroom handle,NPT/BSPT tube and so on.

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