TB-20 Two Rollers Cam Thread Rolling Machine At Factory Price

Model Number: TB-20
Service: Video technical support, phone call technical support, door-to-door service, professional after-sale
Customization: Available
Application: Trapezoidal thread, metric thread, knurling, spline, round threads, groove etc

Product Description

The processing speed of thread rolling machine is much faster than that of tapping or threading. In addition, screw rolling produces fine surfaces, high productivity, low material costs, and no debris. We manufacture many types of thread rolling machines, such as Two rollers thread rolling, Two die cylindrical thread rolling equipment, Cam thread rolling machines and so on. Meanwhile, we have exported thousands sets of thread rolling machines and spline rolling machines across the world. If you are interested in our thread rollers we made, please leave the message and contact us through our website for more products specification.

Model No. Picture Specification
Diameter for the threads rolled φ4-φ16/mm
Range of pitch rolled 0.4-2.0P
Length of thread rolled In feed
Spindle speed 16/25/40/63rpm
Outside diameter of rolling die φ100-φ118mm
Inside diameter of rolling die(keyway) φ50.5mm
Thickness of rolling die 50mm
Range of distance between the roller shaft 100-135mm
Output(pcs/min) 4-25(pcs/min)
Main power motor 2.2KW
Weight(reference) 600(KG)
Package Dimension(L*W*H) 1100*1100*1300 mm
Dimension(L*W*H) 1000*1000*1200 mm

The features of TB-20 thread rolling machine:

1) Eccentric -type driving, high rolling precision.

2) The ground-thread worms with heat treatment progress can be matched completely and smoothly with phosphoric bronze worm gears.

3) The good transmission shaft makes the transmission without any jumping and stable when the gearbox transmit to the roller seat,so that the roller seat can ensure the precision of rollers.

4) The dovetail type slide has high force, high stability and high precision.

5) Specially suitable for: standard screws, bicycle& automobile parts and all kinds of machinery parts.

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