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Rebar straight thread rolling machine

The steel bar straight thread rolling machine is a steel bar processing machine widely used in the construction industry in recent years. It quickly and directly rolls the end of the steel bar at a time to produce cold hardening at the head of the thread, thereby increasing the strength, making the steel bar to be the same as the base material. It consists of frame, clamping mechanism, feed carriage, reducer and thread rolling head, cooling system and electrical system.

Purpose: The thread rolling machine uses cutting and rolling thread forming to achieve the purpose of reinforcing steel bar end and thread processing. It solves the problem of pretreatment of steel bar end before processing, and the same equipment needs to be rolled multiple times. In this way, the on-site processing and multiple steel bar handling are reduced, and the on-site production and processing efficiency is improved; the thread rolling machine uses one thread rolling head to realize the rolling processing of various specifications of steel bars, which solves the problem of similar equipment to the end of the steel bar. Processing straight threads requires one thread rolling head for each specification. The thread rolling machine uses internal coolant, which solves the problem of chip removal during rolling processing. The automation strength is high. The feed will automatically stop and reset. The steel bar stripping straight thread rolling machine is a special equipment for processing the straight thread head of the steel bar. The end of the steel bar is rounded by the rib stripping knife, and then three hollow thread rolling wheels are used to roll the straight thread of the steel bar to achieve the straight thread of the steel bar. Quality requirements for thread forming. Make the ribbed steel straight thread connection joint meet the A-level connection standard requirements of JGJI07-2003 "General Technical Regulations for Mechanical Connection of Steel Bars".


1. It can be rolled after the steel bar is stripped, and the precision of the thread profile is very high, and the consistency of the diameter is also very good;

2. Its structure is compact, the operation is simple, and the thread processing speed is significantly faster than other equipment;

3. We call its rib stripping device "fool type", which is easy to learn and understand, and the stability of the rib stripping size is very good;

4. The thread processing can be completed only once the steel bar is installed, and the processing efficiency of the thread head is also very high;

5. Its automaticity is very strong, it can automatically raise the knife, automatically return, and the noise generated by the equipment is also very small;

6. The quality of its joints is stable and reliable, and the joint strength is higher than the usual base material;

7. It can process a wide range of steel bars and occupies less equipment.

8. This is also the most important point: the service life of the thread rolling wheel is long, and the use of additional costs for joints is also very small.