Thread and profile rolling ball screw forming machine

Motor: Hydraulic
Usage: Milling
Port: Shenzhen
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


The thread rolling machine is a multifunctional cold extrusion forming machine. Exactly where the forming teeth 12 are subjected to the crest removing operation to be formed with the respective incomplete toothed regions 30, the periphery of each and every incomplete toothed region 30 would be defined by a sharp edge whereby durabilities of the forming teeth 12 and splines could be reduced. In view of this, in the spline rolling tool 1 of the present invention, the periphery of every single incomplete toothed area 30 is subjected to a chamfering operation, as described below, whereby the chamfered edge 40 is formed in the periphery of every incomplete toothed area 30.

The thread roller, per se, consists of a stationary die help and blank feed assembly 16 mounted on the machine frame 17 and a reciprocating slide 18 mounted on the frame 17. A movable die carried by the reciprocating slide moves back and forth relative to a stationary die on the frame by means of repeated cycles, like a functioning stroke and a return stroke. The assembly 16 offers the feed program, which includes a separator and a pusher or injector (described in detail below) which operates in timed partnership to the reciprocation of the die to inject blanks into the dies for threading.


Item Data
Output(pcs/min) 5-30(pcs/min)
Swiveling Angle(degree) ±3°
Maine power motor 3HP
Hydraulic motor 2HP
Max rolling pressure 8T

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