Wholesale Price Round Dies Cam Thread Rolling Machine Supplier

Weight: 310KG
Supply Ability: 5 sets/week
Material: Steel
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Product Description

The thread rolling machine is divided into two rollers and three rollers. The thread rolling machine with two rollers has strong advantages in hardware construction, automobile and motorcycle accessories, transportation power, standard parts production, etc; In the pipe thread processing industry, the three-rollers thread rolling machine ensures the true roundness, concentricity and perpendicularity with equal triangle support. By replacing the traditional manual wire rolling machine with automatic wire rolling machine, it can also reduce the influence of workers' emotion on the product processing quality and enhance the consistency of product processing. Please do not hesitate to inquiry about quality cam thread rolling machines we made.

The features of TB-3TA thread rolling machine:

1.) Eccentric -type driving, high rolling precision.

2.) The ground-thread worms with heat treatment progress can be matched completely and smoothly with phosphoric bronze worm gears.

3.) Integrated casting for the machine base, better rigidity and beautiful appearance.

4.) Equipped with thread governor to make the regulation easier.

5.) Specially suitable for:standard screws, bicycle& automobile parts and all kinds of machinery parts.

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